February 24th - The Day Before Pancake Day

February 24, 2009

Today was Pancake Day in the UK, but other than that there’s not much to note. As Boswell said “Nothing worth putting into my journal occurred this day. It passed away imperceptibly, like the whole life of many a human existence.”

Ah, but yesterday was a day worth writing about, if only for the little things. A day for Birkenstocks. A day that smelled like rain, softball, and spring. A day to make me miss home.

After classes I set off for the train station with Heidi and Robin with the goal of purchasing tickets to Paris. The idea alone was enough to put a smile on my face and the honest to goodness most sincere ticket agent in the world only added to my good humour. Ticket in hand we headed down into the underground and while turning to respond to one of my friends I ran smack, full on into this woman. My automatic response (as a girl raised up properly) was an “Oh, I’m sorry.” As I looked up expecting a similar reply all I got was a face full of gap-toothed derision. Apparently, this episode was entirely my fault. I suppose I should expect it by now. One day in Eugene I was gunned down by a biker. Again, my automatic response was an apology. That girl simply looked back at me, hopped on her bike and took off. It wasn’t until I recovered that I realized I had done nothing wrong. Not only had I looked both ways, but I was at a cross-walk, and yet my first response was to apologize. I suppose I’m just perpetually in the world’s way.

In the evening we all went to see a production of 39 Steps, playing at the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. It was funny enough for what it was, I guess. I laughed. But sometimes the comedy was a little inflated – as though the play thought itself funnier than it actually was. A bit like Jim Carrey. Actually, exactly like Jim Carrey.

Afterward, I sat waiting on the next train and happened to cross my legs the same moment a girl happened to be standing up with her shopping bags. One of the bags barely skimmed my leg and she turned, smiled down at me, and offered an apology. She must get in the world’s way too.

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