Snapshots of Singapore

A post about my trip will eventually follow, but for now I'll stick with pictures.

New Bridge Street. The lights from Mid-Autumn Festival were still up in China Town.

Align Right

An obligatory Singapore Sling. I'm not a huge brandy fan so I wasn't too impressed with it.

Figuring out where Orchard Road was like any good tourist - and totally looking the part. We found it.

I finally figured out the self-timer on my camera.

The place where we ate our AMAZING chili crab the night before. It was for sure a highlight of the trip.

I didn't have my camera on me for some of the even better signs than this. Too bad.

Curios in China Town on Pagoda Street

Haha. You can't see it too well but his balloon says "I'm Sorry." He looked so forlorn, I don't doubt he really was sorry.

At the Night Safari that everyone says you MUST do in Singapore. It was a zoo - at night. It is not a must see. But John was brought up on stage to help with the fire dancers. He stank of kerosene afterward but it was worth it for the laughs.

Before we knew how crap the Night Safari would be: how happy and naive we look.

Interesting temple down the street from my hostel. There's a very large Indian population in Singapore.

The street of my hostel. A name I could blessedly say to cab drivers without needing a piece of paper with it written down.

More of Pagoda Street. I accidentally snapped the one on the left, thus its lack of focus but it's my only record of what I saw when I stepped out the door the hostel.

Just in case you weren't sure, this is still China Town

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