Something Has Got to Be Done

October 10th, 2010

Time: 3:03 p.m.

Location: Opposite Number 75 Hengshan Lu
I was just kicked out of my spot for a wedding party’s photographs. Another day in the life.

Since returning to Shanghai on Thursday, my distaste for this city has grown. I wish it weren’t so, but there it is – I do not like Shanghai in its entirety. Having said that, I believe that I am more than partly to blame. Yes, Shanghai is dirty and the pockets of stench that crop up every block or so are less than desirable. The relentless shoving, pushing, jostling, and straight-up lack of consideration for any other human being is tiresome. There are days I find that I am so ornery I just simply go, pushing past the hordes, giving dirty looks, and cutting off old people. Shanghai me scares Portland me.

Something has got to be done. I have at least another 11 months here and I’d just as soon love where I lived. And so, I have decided to become a tourist – see the sights, sling my camera over my neck, and tuck a map into my back pocket. I am on a mission to see this city that I now call home. I am determined to find reasons to miss this city one day.

In the meanwhile I am going to enjoy the weird looks I’m getting for hanging out with my netbook on a stoop in the middle of a bustling city street.

Here's a little something of Hong Kong:

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