Holidays Shanghai Style

January 5th, 2011
Location: Coffee Bean
Time: 3:42

I never should have started a blog.  The pressure to update is just too much for my lazy-self.  So, here’s what I’m going to do while I rock out to Justin Beiber – yes, Justin Beiber you haters.  You know you love his little pre-pubescent voice and swoopy hair – I am going to give you a rundown of the holidays because there’s too much to say.

Christmas Eve: Worked.  Bu hao to John Gregory for heading off to Beijing and leaving me to cover him.  Actually, it was okay.  I just played games for every class and his students officially think I’m cooler than him.  They can’t say this in their limited English, but I know it to be true. I could see it by the twinkle in their little brown eyes.

After work I went home and put on sweats, ordered some pizza, and watched movies.  I had the option of going-out, but as it didn’t feel like Christmas Eve I decided to treat it like a regular old Friday night so that I wouldn’t get all depressed about missing Christmas Eve service, and candle light, and my family
Christmas Day:  Packed out Christmas Day service with my German friend Thomas, and afterward met up with Sue and Paulette and people from our recently acquired cell group and had some good Mexican food.  A first for everything.  After this Paulette and I headed off to our co-workers’ apartment and celebrated in style with a make-shift fire created out of left-over wax, a rolled up piece of tissue paper, lighter fluid, and a very drunk Kiwi.  Before the apartment caught fire we headed over to my neighbor’s and sat around talking until about 2 in the morning when we decided to go out.  At 2. This is also when my stomach decided it was hungry again so I filled myself with some very delicious street food with about 10 different types of MSG in it. Two club/bars and watching a Chinese man’s Michael Jackson dance moves get blocked out by a fat Persian dude on the bar later we all piled into a cab and returned home to sleep until sometime around 1 the next day.

I think it was a rather successful Christmas.  

Due to the holiday season, my kindergarten took the week off and one of my evening classes was cancelled, so I worked a whopping 4 hours for the week. I had 5 whole days off for the holiday weekend and I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things.  5 days is such a tease.

December 30th: Cleaning craziness. Shopping madness (yet another topic to be covered later). Corn chowder/soup made and enjoyed.  Convinced Kate and Tia to come out from Hangzhou a day early so we could have a girl’s night.  Bed time:  4ish.

December 31st: More shopping, but this time of the clothing variety.  Super Brand Mall in Pudong right outside the hideous monstrosity that is the Pearl.   All scored at H&M.  Returned home to prettify and if I do say so myself it was achieved. I have hot friends. Carla arrived and I somehow managed to convince everyone to come to my house for the pre-party. Kate and I went downstairs to the salon/barber shop in my complex and had our hair washed and curled for 40 RMB.  (Also another potential post). Everyone eventually arrived and we set off for the People’s Party in the Fashion Hub. Ran into a bunch of co-workers and pretended to dance stone-cold sober to house music.  The beauty of house music is that it is specifically designed for white people who can’t dance so all you really do is kind-of move and look stupid with the rest of the other white people on the dance floor. After this we set off for Dada’s, a smaller venue with equally as horrid music, chilled on the couch and watched people play Mario on a Super Nintendo, and again pretended to dance. Bed time: 6ish?

January 1st: Woke-up sometime between noon and 2, ordered Indian food.  Watched Black Swan, a WTF movie if I ever saw one.  Headed over to my neighbors and then out to Windows Scoreboard.  It felt like America. Pool tables, darts, beer pong, half-naked Australian guy dancing on the table.  His name is Tony and he’s a friend of my co-workers (which I discovered today).  Then we went to a M2 where they play real music that I spend more time singing along to than actually dancing to, because once again, sobriety and dancing don’t really mix too well for me.  The highlight: being instrumental in making a Chinese guy’s (who my friend Mo refers to as the “midget”) night.  I could tell he wanted soooo badly to dance with my friends, and so I told my friend Zach, who pulled Mo over and she good-naturedly started dancing with him.  His signature move consisted of raising both hands upward (like he was raising the roof) while simultaneously bending his knees in a paired movement.  He looked a bit like a frog suspended midair attempting to jump, or maybe like one of those water skimmer insects.  Every time he started dancing with a new girl I DIED.  It was awesome. Bed time: somewhere in the vicinity of 4.

January 2nd: More sleeping-in combined with delivered McDonald’s – a new height of laziness and gluttony.  Again went over to my neighbor’s where eventually a whole bunch of cohort 6ers met up and we talked, watched movies, and played cards until the wee hours of the morning.  I lost 40 kuai in poker but I did last ‘til the last round. That should tell you something -  we all officially suck at poker. Bed time: 5 or so.

January 3rd: Slept, read, and read some more.

I now need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation.
Kate, Tia,& Carla

On my balcony

Kate and her faces.

Having our own party before everyone arrived

Garces, Zack, & Kate

Tia, Garces, Zach, Kate, Me

I love you all.

I love this picture.  I'm pretty sure I'll never get a picture of Pat smiling.

I'm pretty sure I took about ten thousand pictures of Kate.  And Miles. 

I'm touching Zach's head! This never happens.

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  1. hahahha!!! LOVES IT!!

    Does Kate know you have a picture of her face?!?! I'm sure she will die when she finds out!! lol. (I wont be the one to tell her--I'll leave that up to you!)