Make It a Double.

January 10th, 2011
Time: 2:43 pm
Location: Coffee Bean

What I would give to be in Glendale at this moment.  The game isn’t until my Tuesday and then it’s in the morning while I’m at work.  I kind-of doubt my employer would look kindly on me calling-in for the game.  I’d do it anyway, but I’d like to score at least one bonus this year.  Instead, I’m going to boycott the internet all of tomorrow until I’ve watched a replay in the evening.  

Another reason to be in Arizona: heat. Last night I kept waking-up b/c I was so cold.  I finally put on a second pair of socks, my hoodie, and pulled the hood over my head.  My inability to handle any extreme temperatures is bordering on pathetic.

And while I’m feeling the cold here, spring is apparently in the air – or at least its side-effects.  I’ve got kissers in my classes.  2 different classes. 2 different schools. 2 different nationalities.  Same week.  When it first happened I was torn between adorable and . . . should I stop this?  I mean, once? Okay, I’ll allow it.  But 5? 6? 7? Just stop already. I separated them. Once again, I’m hit with the reality that my life is bordering on the pathetic.  Just keep your lips to yourselves, 5ers. 

Miley Cyrus just started singing.

I need a drink.

Reasons my life isn’t pathetic:
Today is pay-day.
Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday.  I have a best friend.
I have friends willing to be my pack-mules.
 It’s Monday night half-off burgers at Blue Frog.
My alma mater has the best football team. Ever.

But I’ll still take that drink.

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  1. This made my day :)

    I'm really grateful to have you as a best friend. I love you and miss you more than you know.

    And tell the kiddo's just to kiss on the cheeks.