Koea in Snapshots

And so our adventure at Beomasa Temple begins.

People pay for these roof tiles as offerings to the temple.

This lady wasn't there when I began this photo.

It may have been cloudy, but the reds and oranges of the moutain more than made up for it.

Couldn't resist. I loved all the shoes and umbrellas outside the temple spaces.

So, I can't read Korean, but something tells me that the sign tells me to stay away . . .

1.6? 1.7? Nobody is really sure, including the Koreans. All I know is that it was uphill and wet.

And up we climb. And climb.

Thank God it wasn't hot and humid. Just nice and foggy.

And there is it, North Gate. The smallest and least dramatic of all the gates of the fortress that none of us were entirely positive of what was being protected.

East Gate. Worth the extra climb? Maybe. Ask Gregory.

Miles and John, contemplating our decision to climb yet another hill.

The view from my end

And this is us, finally saying goodbye to the uphill segment of our journey.

Somewhere near Jalgachi Market.

Something about Asian alleys gets me every time.

Mmm. Fish.

Jalgachi Market. Site of Gregory's squid attack.

This is me, pretending to be a nonchalant tourist while surreptitiously taking a photo while the camera dangles from my neck.

Sight of the PIFF. Pussan International Film Festival.

Palace something or other. At this point in the journey, who could expect me to keep up?

The throne.

Paulette! Standing in the one patch of dry ground.

Mmm. Fish.

Chilling. At the metro.

Before cooking madness.

This is me owning Miles. AGAIN.

All kinds of frozen yumminess in sub-zero temperature.

This is me, hugging Jesus.

Yum, yum, and YUM. How I love Korean food.

Haechi, the mascot of Seoul. So much better than Haibao.

Oh, how I miss you, Taco Bell.

More of Itaewon and it's incredible ghettoness.

Time to check your mailbox, yo.

Somewhere on the street near our hostel in Busan.

It might be a horse by Asian standards,but I'm inclined to call it a pony.

No idea what this animal is, but it held up a bench. Good enough for me.

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  1. so many photos!!!! but my fav is the one of the palace roof top, its number 5 after the photo with the "palace something or other" caption.........if that makes sense? ~kingslee~