Sewonning Seoul

February 8th, 2011
Location: Indy House, Busan, South Korea
Time: 9:26 pm

Today finds me hanging out on the couch in my hostel here in Busan, Korea after a very wet, uphill kind-of day.

The boys have run off to a spa/hot springs where everyone gets naked and relaxes. My one pair of shoes and jeans are heavy with mud and water so I have abstained and have decided to catch the world up on my adventures here in the great country of한국 Han Gug.

Last entry found me stuck on a grounded plane in China.  Apparently my traveling woes were not at an end quite yet.  We made it to Korea 4 something hours after we’d originally planned and headed off on a metro to meet up with Sewon.

Without phone, internet connection, or a specific time and place to meet, this proved rather difficult.  So, after settling ashen-faced Miles into a chair at Starbucks, John Gregory and wandered around Seoul attempting to find a piece of internet that would allow us in. Somewhere outside one of the multiple coffee houses lining the streets we made contact and while I set off to tell Paulette and Miles the good news, Gregory went off to find our Korean host.

A sold hour and a half of more wandering around metro stations, dragging bags down one staircase and then back up it again – despite Sewon’s native status AND her navigation system in her phone (special girl, that one), we arrived at her vacant apartment somewhere in the outer reaches of Seoul.

While I stumbled into my pajamas, half-dead on my feet and Miles passed out on the couch, the rest headed out to the local market for some drinks and Sewon ordered some amazingly awesome chicken.

Then it was lights out and for the first time this winter I fell asleep and woke-up in blissful warmth.

The next afternoon we headed out into the wilds of Seoul for some more finger-licking food goodness (Sewon’s greatest love seems to be food and her second is sharing this love with others) and a bit of sight-seeing at Bukchon Hanok Village, where traditional Korean houses have been preserved.

Street food stalls and a smattering of directions from good citizens of Seoul later we eventually found ourselves at some market famous for hand-crafted items and then we headed off to some other part of Seoul that is lined with street vendors hawking their wares.  Somewhere along that road I attempted to jump onto a bench and instead caught only the edge before landing camera-first onto the pavement to an accompanying hue of sympathetic cries.  I refer to this place as my “Spot of Shame” and was forced to revisit it multiple times as Sewon did what I am going to refer to as ‘Sewonning’ in which she stops, cocks her head back and forth, looks down at her phone and back up again, starts to lead us one direction, stops, looks back at her phone, and then points and tells us that wait, it’s the other way. Lovely girl – directionally challenged.

Stuffed to bursting capacity from all the Korean deliciousness we metroed it back to the apartment where we settled in for some Korean TV viewing – which is surprisingly still entertaining despite the language barrier/insurmountable wall.

Then it was lights out for me and it’s lights out for this post.  More Korean days to follow but this has gone on long enough. 

It's not as cold as it looks.

This is Sewon asking directions. Again.


I seem to take all my pictures with John.  No, Dad, we're not dating.

Look! Miles is alive!

This is how I remember the names of places I went. I don't - I just take pictures.

Somewhere on the street near my "Spot of Shame"

I like the look of Korean.

This is that craft item place

Mmm. Street food - pancake thingamabob.

At a tea house.  Apple tea.

Going back home. Sewon is probably checking her phone to see if we're going the right way.




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  1. Great photos of korea. You should send (to saddleback leather) the one of you and your date where your saddleback leather bag is prominently hanging from your shoulder. He can post it on his site of places in the world his bags have traveled.
    Or maybe the one with you and John, that shows the bag better than you and the tin man (date) guy. !
    love you