Delayed Flight

March 24th, 2011
Location: Pudong International Airport. Gate215
Time: 7:04 pm

I may have inadvertently put myself on a Chinese watch list.  I also may or may not be slightly exaggerating.  But I am on some kind of list – with my name, passport, and a record of my contraband item.  I, ee gads!, attempted to smuggle on some mini scissors used for trimming my eyebrows.  That was inadvertent too.  In fact, when the guy told me that I had some scissors in my bag I assumed he’d gotten bags mixed up.  I don’t usually make it common practice to tote around scissors.  I don’t even have a Swiss army knife.

But I do have a knife - a little mini pocket one I picked up with my REI dividends.  And when I flew into China the first time, I discovered that sucker buried at the bottom of my satchel while waiting for my connecting flight at Narita.

So, I can fly with a knife but not scissors?  Also, what’s with the arbitrary shoe thing?  Flying to Korea, only people with boots had to take them off – which basically meant every single chick rocking UGG boots, which basically meant every last woman and child on the flight.
Today, I didn’t have to take off my shoes, jacket, or belt.  They didn’t even ask me to empty my pockets.  But they did confiscate those scissors. Because I’m going to cut someone to death?  Actually, I guess that’s not funny. If you consider my Hulkamania strength, ninja skills, and menacing bearing I could wreak major havoc with a pair of miniature (not even full size, mind you) scissors.

This guy next to me is randomly grunting rather loudly at his friends.

If only they hadn’t taken my scissors from me. . .  

Random pictures from the Lantern Festival:

Yuyuan Gardens

Riddles are written on these

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