Travel Fever

April 8th, 2011
Location: Wagas, Jing’An
Time: 6:17

I have been bit by the travel bug and it’s attempting to ravage my bank account.  It seems a bit ironic considering to some I might seem to be suspended in travel mode.  But living abroad really isn’t all that different from living at home.  I might be surrounded by smelly tofu and unintelligible Chinese but I am, for all intents and purposes, living. I wake-up, go to work, do course work, and hang out in coffee shops.  Take away the picture of that little Chinese woman pulling a cart 25 times her weight through the middle of the street and I might as well be home. 

But there’s something about being in Shanghai that makes you want to get out of it, as often as possible.  Maybe it’s the people, the noise, or the dirt.  Or maybe it’s the idea that I’m on a hiatus from “real” life and so going on weekend trips is what you do when on vacation. I recognize that this last statement is incongruous with my previous paragraph but isn’t life full of paradoxes? 
Let’s put it this way: I’m living real life.  I’m not on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere knocking back mai tais.  This very obvious truth hits me in the face every day as I walk to the metro.  And this reality really, really makes me want to travel.  And the very fact that I am living in the uncomfortable environment of a far, far away country makes the idea of traveling seem like puddle jumping and not some giant chasm that you plan to leap with months and months of planning.  Hopping a plane to Hong Kong for the weekend when you’re already living in a foreign country is just normal behavior here. It’s a vacation from my surreal life.  And so, that’s what I do.

Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor

From Victoria Peak - kicked an old man out of the way for this shot

A view from my walk down - on the unlit path. By myself.

Star Ferry

Escalator type things

Longest stretch of escalators
West Lake, Hangzhou

I was warned it would be crowded . ..

Phyllis and these 2 men who were enamored by our conversation


The lighting was AH-mazing. And I love these ladies :0)

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  1. It is rather amazing how living in China makes "foreign" countries seem so close. Want to go to Cambodia? No prob! Vietnam! A mere couple of hours! I love Hong Kong.