Day 1

January 1st, 2012
Location:  My house
Time: 10:02 pm

This year will either mark the end of it all or the beginning of it all.  Either way, this is the year of decisions and I see one of two options ahead of me:

1)Live as though the Mayans got it right and live as though I’ve got nothing to lose
2)Live as though I’ve got an entire life ahead of me, one that I want to be fruitful, successful, and filled with joy and contentment.

Regardless of how I decide to envision the future, the outcome is still the same.  2012 has got to be a year of doing for me. If I want an awesome job that I love to wake up to, then I’ve got to pursue avenues that will lead me there. If I want to try my hand at writing, well then I’ve got to actually spend time writing.  Learn a second language? Run a marathon?  Pay off debt? Climb Kilimanjaro? I suppose I need to be prepared to realign my priorities and be willing for to undergo a little pain in the process.

 I’ve spent so much of my life letting life just happen.  Passivity is lethal even if it is often more comfortable. 

This year might prove to be an epic crash and burn in so-called dreams, but I’ve decided that sudden death is far preferable to the slow burn to nowhere. The coulda, woulda, shouldas of life are tangled up in that lethal combination of laziness, fear, and apathy and I’d just as soon not picture my 80-year-old self with a suitcase full “if only’s.”

So, here’s to you, future self.  Live a life that’ll make all the other old people in the home jealous of your stories.  

2012.   I’m coming for ya.

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